Points Race score sheets

Registration for Finale 

You need to have 3 Season Points Race matches under your belt to qualify for the Finale prize table. Points Race shooters will be tiered into 3 groups, based off their season points total going into the Finale. Squads will be determined based off the shooters place in the season standings. So at the Finale, shooters should be competing against shooters of a similar skill level. The prizes on table will reflect each of the 3 groups. If a shooter doesn’t get 3 matches in, they will still be able sign up for the match but will miss out on the Points Race table. We should have a prize for the individual match winner, but I’d suggest getting 3 scores in and getting a chance at the prize table. 

A little early information on the Points Race Finale. It will be a 2 Day match spilt between the 1000 Plus, LLC and Nebraska Long Rangers locations on August 18 & 19. The match will consist of 15-18 stages and be worth a total of 150+ season points. After the second day of shooting we will be having a banquet following the match, which will be included in the entry fee.

We all are really excited with the direction the Season Points Race is heading, and shape the Finale has taken. We will be releasing more information as we approach Finale. We hope to see you all out chasing impacts as the Season progresses.