This match will be near Stockville NE.

Pay via Pay-Pal: $100 per team member. (includes after shoot meal)  Please select f&f.  non-refundable

For any questions email:


The Nebraska Long Rangers are excited to present one of the most unique, fun, and challenging events you’ll compete in this year. We are hosting a 5 man outlaw team match in a format which will welcome new shooters to the sport, while testing a core team’s ability to communicate, shoot, and mold their team to capture the cash prize and trophies of the match.

The format is as follows:

Teams will register with three core team members. Amateurs and squad moms will register separately. Amateurs will be evaluated on a case by case basis based on prior experience, skill, and equipment. Amateurs will be paired with a squad mom of known ability, which will complement the amateur’s ability. The morning of the match, teams will be given one-half hour to evaluate which squad mom and amateur would best fit their team. Core teams will then be drawn in order to pick their squad mom and amateur.

10 stages will consist of five targets (targets engaged twice), mostly 2-3 MOA in size. Each core team must find the targets, range them, and engage them while being timed on the stage. Times are only recorded on stages only, not traveling to and from stages. Squad moms will be responsible for recording times and scores for each stage. Only one team member can engage targets at a time from a designated position. Time ends when the last team member has fired his/her last shot. Only the squad mom can start and record the time. The squad mom and amateur must shoot last in the squad.

Once the core team’s time is recorded, the amateur and squad mom will have 4 minutes together to engage the same targets.

Scoring will be as follows:

Recorded time, plus time penalties, minus amateur & squad mom’s score. Each stage is scored by how many misses the core team has essentially, not hits. There will be a 1 minute time penalty for each target missed. Two rounds per target engagement, only one hit counts. The core team’s score will be represented as a percentage of the squad mom and amateur’s hits.


  • 15 HITS- 100%
  • 14 HITS- 93%
  • 13 HITS- 87%
  • 12 HITS- 80%
  • 11 HITS- 73%
  • 10 HITS- 67%
  • 9 HITS- 60%
  • 8 HITS- 53%
  • 7 HITS- 47%
  • 6 HITS- 40%
  • 5 HITS- 33%
  • 4 HITS- 27%
  • 3 HITS- 20%
  • 2 HITS- 13%
  • 1 HIT- 1 %

Scoring example- If a team has 12 hits on the stage taking 15 minutes on the stage to acquire the 12 hits, they would have an 80% hit rate, and 3 minutes of penalty time. Let’s say the squad mom and amateur had 7 hits on the stage for bonus time. (1 min bonus for each AM & squad mom impact) They would receive 80% of 7 hits.

12/15=80% x 7= 6 minutes of bonus time (rounded up from 5.6)

18 minutes – 6 minutes = TOTAL SCORE OF 12 minutes

Overall Time – (Hits/15) x Bonus hits = Final Score

Core team times will be rounded to each side of 30 seconds to the nearest minute. The team with the lowest overall time (or highest positive time) will be declared the winner! Any ties will be decided by an 800 yard, head to head team shoot-off.

Please encourage your friends and fellow shooters to sign up their team, or encourage amateurs to contact us to be placed on a list as a potential shooter.

Registration will be $100/shooter and a meal will be provided post match. We will try and provide water at each stage, but please plan to provide your own hydration accordingly.


Pay via Pay-Pal: $100 per team member.  Please select f&f.  non-refundable

For any questions email: