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“Rebel Resistance Team Events”

I ran over this concept earlier this year, we have some matches in process, this is a guideline for the system, If you are interested like the page and turn on notifications, so you are aware as more dates and details become available.

Dakota Storms, Broken Bow, NE, April 14th,  CANCELLED
Steve Wirth KS, Spearpoint June 29th
Eric Nelson, SD, Edgemont, August 17th
Jim See IA, Sureshot August 25th (day after BWRS match)
Tate Streater OK, Clarita range TBD

One day team match, 10-12 stages, 2 member team.

Bolt gun/Gas gun. (one must be .223 per rules)
Bolt gun/Bolt gun. (one must be .223 per rules)

Caliber restrictions;
One of the rifles must be a .223 Remington or 5.56 nato, or .223 wylde. No exceptions.
The second rifle would be a typical PR style rifle; 30 cal. or less 3200 fps max speed, no magnums.

Each stage should be arranged to have 5 targets which must be impacted 2 times each by either of the shooters. The goal is to neutralize the targets, It does not matter who on the team shoots what target so long as each target is impacted twice. Both shooters will shoot and work as a team under the same time clock to clear all targets, it is suggested that they strategize a plan to be the most effective with the 2 rifles they are operating. Round count is unlimited.

To facilitate impact calling, squad mates will spot impacts. There WILL BE a SPOTTING SCOPE for EVERY TARGET. The job of the spotters will be to call out “Target 1 Neutralized” Each target will have its own spotter, once he spots that target and calls out “Target 1 Neutralized” his job is done. (Continued by each spotter for all targets) It will be up to the shooters to understand and keep track of their targets neutralized, electronic ear pro suggested. (SHOOTERS WILL BRING THERE SPOTTING EQUIPMENT TO THE MATCH, EACH TEAM WILL SUPPLY AT LEAST ONE SUITABLE PIECE OF QUALITY GLASS AND CARRY IT THROUGH THE MATCH) all squads will have a minimum of 5 teams so glass will be available for each target.

Scoring will be time based; shooters will start in a start box with all gear, rifles clear bolt back mag out. One shooter will start a time clock in the box; both shooters will move to the fire line and engage their respective targets. Once cleared one shooter will run back to the start box and stop the timer. One of the squad mates will then record the time to complete the stage. Lowest time over the course of the day wins. (shooters can use their personal cell phones as time keepers) Times will be recorded to the hundredths of a second.

Failure to neutralize a target, either from lack of skill or shooter error will result in a 15 second penalty added to the stage time. Shooters may choose to take the penalty rather than waist time and ammo on a target they find difficult to hit.

Squading and disputes;
At least 5 teams will be in a squad to facilitate the manpower to properly, spot impacts and record time. Each competitor will have knowledge of the rules and procedures so that any minor arbitration can be settled at the occurrence. If the settlement is not agreed upon by every squad mate the MD will be called in to conclude the arbitration.

Awards; (Trophy Match, no active prize table will be recruited.)
Trophies will be awarded to the top team in each division, if there are at least 15 teams in each division a second place trophy will be available. If there are 25 teams per division the trophies will extend to third place.

Entry fee;
These matches are self RO no prize tables, We are here to vet out a new idea in match structure one that is fast paced, and fun to compete in, as well as exciting to watch. The entry fee should be kept at or under $100 per team.

Will be set up by the match director, pre-registration and payment, will be required so trophies can be ordered.

Thank You, Jim See